Men's Services

Elite Aesthetics Wellness Spa is a haven for men as well as women. When men visit our spa, they immediately feel comfortable. Our spa offers a professional, relaxing environment and our technicians make all of our guests feel at ease.

Elite offers a full range of spa services for men, including back waxing, chest waxing, sports massage and deep tissue massage.

We are honored to have professional and recreational athletes as part of Elite’s client family. Elite’s team is committed to maintaining our guests’ privacy and removing all barriers to relaxation. If you are scheduling your first spa treatment, you can rest assured that Elite is not a pretentious, intimidating environment.

Our technicians will walk you through the steps of each service to help you feel comfortable with the process and ask any questions up front.

Deep Tissue Massage

60 Minutes - $70 and Up | 90 Minutes - $100 and Up

Deep tissue uses a mixture of techniques to take care of the body tissues and any deeper imbalances and patterns of muscle tension. This massage is usually geared to a set of muscles and generally is not always a full body massage. It is very soothing long term and releases patterns of disharmony over time, though in the moment it can be uncomfortable as the practitioner stimulates the pain response in the body to treat the present muscle pattern. Sometimes deep patterns can be harder to locate and dissipate. The client must communicate to the massage therapist throughout the massage if something is too painful or if the practitioner needs to move or adjust the pressure.

Men’s Back Waxing

$50 and Up

Men's Chest Waxing

$50 and Up

Sports Massage

30 Minutes - $50 and Up | 60 Minutes - $70 and Up | 90 Minutes - $100 and Up

Sports massage aids in proper body function. Deep and light tissue massage is localized to areas of stress, trauma, scar tissue and restricted fascia. Your therapist can effectively locate large patterns in the bulk of the muscle all the way down to small stressors in the tiniest of joints to relieve pain and discomfort throughout the body.